What Is a Cruiser Skateboard? An Introduction for Beginners

So you’ve been seeing those retro-styled skateboards with wide decks and big soft wheels cruising by and want to know more about them. Cruiser skateboards also known as longboards are designed more for easy riding and transportation than the tricks and aerial maneuvers of a standard skateboard. With their wider decks, large wheels, and more stable design, cruiser skateboards let you glide smoothly over sidewalks, bike paths, and other terrain. If you’re looking for an easy way to get around town or campus in comfort and style a cruiser skateboard may be just the ticket. Read on to learn everything you need to know to get started with this fun and eco-friendly ride.

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What Exactly Is a Cruiser Skateboard?

So what exactly is a cruiser skateboard? In short, it is a skateboard designed primarily for casual riding and transportation. Cruisers are different from regular skateboards in a few key ways:

Size and Shape

Cruiser boards are generally larger, wider and have a more rounded shape than a standard skateboard. The larger size and width make them more stable and comfortable for cruising around. The rounded shape also gives them a surfboard-like feel perfect for carving and turning.


Cruisers have big wheels that provide a smooth ride over rough terrain like sidewalks, paths, and boardwalks. The bigger wheels also allow you to maintain speed better. Regular skateboard wheels are smaller more challenging and designed more for doing tricks.


Cruiser boards usually have basic durable components without many frills. Things like wide trucks, steel axles, and lower-cost bearings. They are really meant for laid-back riding from point A to point B, not high-performance tricks or stunts.

Riding Style

The components and design of a cruiser board lend themselves to a more relaxed surfy riding style. You gently carve lean into turns and pump to maintain speed. It is all about the enjoyment of the ride rather than complex maneuvers. Cruising is a great way for beginners to get comfortable on a skateboard at their own pace.

So if you’re looking for an easy low-key way to get into skateboarding or just want a fun new ride for casual jaunts around town a cruiser board is a perfect place to start. Happy rolling!

Key Features and Components of a Cruiser Skateboard

A cruiser skateboard has some key features that make it perfect for cruising around town.


The deck on a cruiser is usually made of wood or bamboo and has a wider shape around 8 to 10 inches wide. This provides more stability and a smoother ride. Some cruiser decks have kicktails – raised ends that allow for easy turns and pivots.


Cruiser skateboards have large wheels around 60 to 70 mm in diameter. The soft wide wheels provide more traction and absorb bumps and cracks in the road better than regular skateboard wheels. This means a smoother more comfortable ride for you.


The trucks on a cruiser are usually wider to match the wider deck around 150 to 190 mm. Wider trucks provide more stability at higher speeds. The bushings in the trucks are also softer which allows for easier turning.


Quality bearings with built-in spacers allow the wheels to spin faster and longer. This means less pushing and more cruising for you. Look for directions rated ABEC 7 or higher.


The bolts and nuts that attach the trucks to the deck are usually a little longer to accommodate the wider deck and riser pads. 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inch hardware is common.

With the right components put together a cruiser skateboard will get you where you need to go in style and comfort. Now get out and enjoy the ride!

How Cruiser Skateboards Differ From Regular Skateboards

Cruiser skateboards differ from regular skateboards in a few key ways:

Size and Shape

Cruiser boards are generally wider and different in shape than a typical skateboard. They have a wider deck, large wheels, and looser trucks that make them more stable and easier to ride especially for beginners. The deck is often made of wood or plastic and has a flat surface without the curved “kicktail” of a regular skateboard. This provides more foot space and a smoother ride.


In addition to the deck, cruisers have components designed for casual riding rather than doing tricks. The large wheels often called “longboard wheels” provide more traction and absorb shock better. The trucks or axles are also wider to support the bigger wheels and deck. Softer bushings in the trucks allow for looser turning that is more responsive. All of these elements make cruisers ideal for cruising around carving and making wide turns.

For more information:

Riding Style

You ride a cruiser differently than a skateboard. Instead of pushing with short kicks, you push smoothly by stepping one foot at a time. The loose trucks allow you to make wide turns by leaning into the turn. You can also slide the board side to side to shave off speed. The bigger wheels maintain momentum so you don’t have to push as often. The wide flat deck gives you a stable platform for different riding stances or even standing with both feet forward.

In summary, cruiser skateboards have a bigger size, softer wheels and looser feel that provide a fun easygoing ride for hitting the streets in style. Once you try one out, you’ll see why cruisers are perfect for beginners and veterans alike looking to just cruise.


So now you know what a cruiser skateboard is all about. It is the perfect board for recreational riding especially if you’re just getting into skateboarding or want a way to cruise around town in style. With larger wheels that can handle rough terrain a cruiser board will get you where you need to go while providing a fun smooth ride. The wider deck gives you more stability and control. So don’t hesitate to pick out your favorite deck design and wheel color and get rolling. A cruiser skateboard will open up a whole new world of adventure and make getting from point A to point B a blast. Once you start cruising you’ll never want to stop.

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