Wearable Tech for Skaters: Smart Clothing and Safety Gear

Wearable Tech for Skaters Smart Clothing and Safety Gear. Ever wonder what the future holds for action sports gear? Well, skaters the future is here and it’s smart connected and designed to keep you safe while you’re shredding the half pipe. You already know that skating can be dangerous if you take a nasty spill but new wearable tech is aiming to minimize injuries and maximize your time on the board.

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Smart helmets impact absorbing pads and high-tech clothing use sensors and AI to detect falls track your performance and keep you comfortable while you’re practicing your kickflips. The gear of tomorrow is going to change the game for skaters allowing you to push the limits of what’s possible and try new tricks with confidence like never before. The future of skating is bright and it’s wired.

Smart Helmets and Safety Gear for Skaters

These days smart helmets and safety gear are must haves for skaters. Why risk a serious head injury when high-tech protection is available?

Smart Helmets

Smart helmets have built-in sensors to detect impacts and alert emergency responders if you take a nasty spill. The LIVALL MT1 helmet connects to an app on your phone using Bluetooth and can automatically call for help if it detects a fall. The TSG Pass helmet has an integrated impact sensor and alert system. If force levels exceed a certain threshold it sends an emergency alert to preset contacts.


Wrist Guards and Elbow Pads

Wrist guards and elbow pads have also entered the smart age. The Active Protective Technologies Axiom wrist guards and elbow pads contain sensors to detect dangerous impacts and vibrations. If a fall is detected a notification is sent to your smartphone. The Anthropic PBC wrist guards and elbow pads use AI to learn your movement patterns. If an abnormal motion is detected that could indicate a fall an alert is triggered.

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While safety gear can’t prevent all injuries smart helmets wrist guards and elbow pads provide an extra level of protection and peace of mind for skaters. With impact detection and emergency alert systems, help can arrive quickly when you need it most. For skaters that’s worth investing in.

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Wearable Tech Clothing Designed for Skaters

Smart clothing designed specifically for skateboarding is taking wearable tech to the next level. Skate-centric brands are creating apparel with built-in safety features and performance enhancements.

Impact absorbing fabrics

Some companies are incorporating impact absorbing materials into hoodie jackets and pants. These fabrics absorb and distribute the energy from falls reducing pain and injury. Brands like Volcom Burton and Triple Eight offer protective gear made of materials like D3O and Poron XRD which harden on impact to absorb shock.

Integrated sensors

Certain smart skate clothing contains integrated sensors to detect falls or collisions and can automatically contact emergency responders. The Saber Impact System has sensors in a vest that detect falls and alert emergency contacts if the skater is unresponsive.

Performance tracking

Other wearables provide performance tracking for skaters. The Nike SB Shane app pairs with a smart wristband to track stats like speed height and rotation of jumps.

Some skate shoe brands have developed smart insoles that track how long and high skaters can ollie. These kinds of wearable tech tools allow skaters to improve their skills through data and analytics.

While some skaters may see wearable tech as unnecessary or inauthentic to skate culture these innovations have the potential to make the sport safer and help skaters reach new heights.

Smart clothing is a practical way for skaters to gain useful data and an added layer of protection without inhibiting their movement or style. The future of skateboarding is looking smarter and safer thanks to wearable tech designed with skaters in mind.

The Latest Wearable Gadgets for Skaters

The world of wearable tech for skaters is advancing fast. Smart clothing and safety gear with built-in sensors can track your performance help avoid injuries and enhance your experience. Here are some of the latest gadgets for skaters:

Smart Helmets

Helmets with built-in sensors can detect impacts and alert emergency responders if you take a hard fall. The Livall Bling Helmet has an SOS alert system built-in Bluetooth speakers and LED lights for visibility. The Coros Omni Smart Cycling Helmet provides real time performance metrics via bone conduction audio.

Performance Tracking Sensors

Wearable motion trackers attach to your bodyboard or helmet to track speed distance air time and more. The Trace Action Sports Tracker attaches to skateboards scooters and bikes. The WOO Sports Wearable Wristband and Ankle Strap tracks your body position and movement in real time via an app.

Smart Safety Gear

Protective gear with built-in impact sensors can detect falls and collisions and alert emergency contacts. The ActiveProtective shorts have impact absorbing pads that detect falls. The Backbone Smart Sensor for Protective Gear attaches to any safety gear to detect impacts and falls and can alert emergency responders.

Heads-Up Displays

A head-mounted display (HMD) projects information like your speed distance and navigation onto a transparent display in your field of view. The Solos Smart Cycling Glasses have a built-in HMD to display metrics from third-party sensors. The Everysight Raptor AR Smartglasses are designed specifically for cycling skiing and other action sports.

The latest smart gear can help skaters ride safer maximize performance and enhance the thrill of the sport. With wearable tech advancing so rapidly the future looks bright for skaters wanting to get connected while doing what they love.

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Wearable technology isn’t just for fitness enthusiasts anymore. Smart clothing and safety gear designed specifically for skateboarding and other extreme sports are hitting the market and they can help take your skills to the next level while keeping you safe at the same time. The options we explored here are just the beginning. As technology continues to advance smart skate gear will get even smarter lighter more affordable and help connect you with fellow skaters in new ways. The future of skateboarding is looking pretty high tech so strap in and enjoy the ride. Who knows maybe one day your skateboard itself will be smart enough to land all the tricks for you! But for now, smart clothing and safety gear are a great way to up your game while protecting yourself from nasty slams. The skatepark of tomorrow is here today.

Examples of wearable tech in sports include fitness trackers like Fitbit, smartwatches by Apple, and heart rate monitors. These devices enhance training and performance by providing real-time data.

Four types of wearable technology include smartwatches, fitness trackers, augmented reality glasses, and smart clothing.

Wearable technology in sports is worn like accessories, gathering data during workouts. It tracks heart rate, steps, and more, aiding athletes to improve performance, monitor health, and set goals.

Skaters often sport a casual and urban style. Baggy jeans, graphic tees, hoodies, and skate shoes are popular choices, reflecting both comfort and the skateboarding subculture’s distinctive vibe.

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