Hiboy Electric Bike Review 2024

Tired of feeling stuck in traffic or sweating it out on a traditional bike? Meet the Hiboy Electric Bike – your ticket to effortless commutes and fun-filled adventures.

This isn’t your average bike; it’s got a super-powered motor that lets you zip up hills and cruise long distances without breaking a sweat. Imagine a bike ride where the wind’s in your hair, and you’re actually enjoying the journey as much as the destination!

With the Hiboy, you can ditch the car for short trips, explore new trails, or just feel like a kid again as you whiz around your neighborhood. And the best part? You’re doing it all while getting some exercise and helping the environment.



Best electric bike under 1500


Hiboy EX6

ebike under $1000

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Best electric bike under 600

Category and Class:


  • Hiboy P6: Electric Mountain Bike
  • The powerful 750W BAFANG motor and top speed of 28+ MPH make this bike ideal for riders who crave speed and the ability to conquer challenging terrain.
  • Hiboy EX6: Fat Tire Electric Bike (with some mountain bike characteristics)
  • Versatile: The fat tires and front suspension make the EX6 adaptable to various terrain, though it might not be as off-road focused as the P6.


  • Hiboy P6: Class 3 e-bike
  • Hiboy EX6: Class 2 e-bike

Electrical Specs and Features

FeatureHiboy P6Hiboy EX6
Motor TypeBAFANG Geared Hub MotorBrushless Gear Motor
Motor Power (Nominal)750W500W
Motor Power (Peak)1000W960W
Torque80 NmNot specified
Battery Capacity48V 13Ah (624 Wh)48V 15Ah (720 Wh)
Battery Range (Electric-only)24.9-31 miles41 miles
Battery Range (Pedal-assist)49.7-62.1 miles75 miles
Top Speed28+ MPH25 MPH
Safety CertificationUL 2849UL 2849
Other Electrical FeaturesLCD Display, Headlight, Bike Siren, Electric Horn (EX6 only)

Weight And Dimension

ModelWeightDimensions (L x W x H)
Hiboy P6Approx. 70 lbs75 x 29.5 x 43.3 inches
Hiboy EX6Approx. 65 lbs57.5 x 27.6 x 12.2 inches

Hiboy P6 Electric Bike for Adults

  • Motor: 750W/1000W brushless geared motor
  • Battery: 48V 13Ah (624 Wh)
  • Top Speed: 28+ MPH
  • Range: 24.9-31 miles per charge

Hiboy P6: Ready to Conquer Trails

If you’re looking for an electric bike to turbocharge your off-road adventures, the Hiboy P6 demands attention. Its potent 750W BAFANG motor delivers thrilling power, making steep climbs feel effortless. Fat tires roll over obstacles with confidence, and a hydraulic suspension fork smooths out bumps for a comfortable ride.

Out in the real world, the P6 doesn’t disappoint. It can reach speeds of 28+ MPH, letting you cover ground quickly. The extended range means less worry about running out of battery on longer excursions. Shimano’s 9-speed gears provide smooth shifting for any terrain.

This e-bike’s off-road prowess comes with a few notes. It’s undeniably powerful, making it better suited for experienced riders. The sporty frame may not suit everyone seeking a casual ride.

For enthusiasts ready to elevate their off-road explorations, the Hiboy P6 promises a thrilling and capable ride. Its powerful motor, versatile design, and focus on tackling tough terrain make it an exciting option.


  • Incredibly powerful motor for speed enthusiasts and steep hill climbs.
  • Fat tires and hydraulic suspension make it a capable off-road machine.
  • Long-range battery for extended adventures.
  • 9-speed Shimano system ensures smooth and efficient gear shifting.
  • UL 2849 certified for added safety reassurance.


  • May be overkill for casual riders seeking a more relaxed ride.
  • Higher price point compared to less powerful e-bikes.

Hiboy EX6 Electric Bike for Adults

  • Motor: 500W/960W brushless geared motor
  • Battery: Removable 48V/374Wh Lithium-Ion
  • Top Speed: 25 MPH
  • Range: 49.7-62.1 miles per charge

Hiboy EX6: Your Versatile Adventure Partner

Get ready to expand your riding horizons with the Hiboy EX6. This e-bike boasts a powerful motor and a massive battery, delivering an impressive 75-mile range. That means exploring trails, commuting, and running errands without range anxiety. Its wide fat tires conquer sand, gravel, and even snowy paths with ease.

In the real world, the EX6 balances power with comfort. The step-thru frame makes hopping on and off a breeze. It might not tackle the most extreme terrain, but its suspension smooths out rough patches for a pleasant ride. The 7-speed Shimano gears provide ample options for tackling hills or enjoying flat stretches.

While the EX6 shines with its versatility, it may not be the ultimate off-road beast. If you prioritize serious trail riding, other bikes with even more aggressive features might be better suited.

Overall, the Hiboy EX6 is a fantastic choice for riders who want an e-bike that can handle daily commutes, leisurely outdoor adventures, and the occasional off-road escapade. Its mix of power, range, and comfort make it a well-rounded electric ride.


  • Impressive range for long rides and multi-day trips.
  • Step-thru frame offers easy mounting and dismounting.
  • Wide tires provide stability and comfort on various terrains.
  • Shimano 7-speed gears for handling different riding scenarios.
  • UL 2849 safety certification.


  • Slower top speed compared to the P6.
  • Less powerful motor might struggle with very steep inclines.
  • May not be ideal for serious off-road enthusiasts due to its focus on versatility.


In conclusion, Hiboy electric bikes bring a new level of thrill and freedom to the cycling experience. Whether you’re seeking the adrenaline rush of off-road adventures or the ease of daily commutes, Hiboy delivers a powerful, stylish ride that will broaden your horizons.

Option 2: Focused on the Hiboy P6

The Hiboy P6 is an absolute beast of an e-bike. If conquering rough terrain, blazing up steep hills, and leaving traditional bikes in the dust is your goal, the P6 has the power and capability to take you there. This bike is for adventurous riders who demand a thrilling and unstoppable experience.

Option 3: Focused on the Hiboy EX6

The Hiboy EX6 is the perfect companion for versatile riders. Its impressive range, comfortable design, and go-anywhere attitude make it ideal for conquering commutes, exploring trails, or simply enjoying the freedom of an effortlessly powered ride. If you want a bike that seamlessly blends practicality with adventurous spirit, the EX6 is a fantastic choice.

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