Forget 5-Figure E-Bikes, the Lectric ONE Has Arrived [Auto-shifting gearbox]

Lectric Ebikes, the champion of budget-friendly e-bikes, has defied expectations once again. The Lectric ONE shatters the mold as a premium commuter e-bike offered at a shockingly accessible price. With this launch, Lectric ventures boldly into a new, more luxurious segment of the e-bike market. The e-bike industry is about to be shaken to its core.

Lectric Ebikes, known for its budget-busting models, has just unveiled the Lectric ONE – a premium commuter e-bike with an astonishingly low price point. This move signals a major shift within the market, forcing a re-evaluation of what’s possible in the premium e-bike space. Known for disrupting the budget e-bike segment, Lectric Ebikes has unveiled the Lectric ONE. This premium commuter model marks a departure for the company, targeting a new market while boasting a surprisingly competitive price.

The bike’s standout features, specifically the high-end components

The Lectric ONE shines with components rarely found outside the realm of ultra-luxury e-bikes. Its centerpiece is a Pinion automatic-shifting gearbox. This German-engineered marvel, typically gracing e-bikes with five-figure price tags, offers seamless shifting and exceptional durability akin to an automotive transmission. Partnering this gearbox is a Gates Carbon Belt drive. This high-performance system replaces the traditional chain with a carbon-fiber reinforced belt, delivering a quieter, smoother ride with virtually zero maintenance. These premium components underscore the Lectric ONE’s focus on both performance and hassle-free ownership, positioning it as an exceptional offering within the competitive commuter e-bike market.


Power and Features

While boasting premium European components, the Lectric ONE refuses to sacrifice performance or practicality. Weighing in at a nimble 55 lbs, it proves that a premium commuter bike can be surprisingly lightweight. This agility is paired with a potent 750W motor, capable of propelling the bike up to 28 mph for a swift and exhilarating ride. Riders can tailor their experience with two battery options: a standard 500Wh pack for around 50 miles of range, or a larger 672Wh battery for those seeking up to 75 miles of assisted riding.

The ONE’s features cater to everyday convenience and enhanced control. A bright color LCD keeps track of key ride data, while a potent 24-amp controller helps the motor deliver its power smoothly. A left-side thumb throttle offers on-demand acceleration, ideal for quick starts or extra boost on hills. The 20″ city tires strike a balance between agility and comfort, while integrated front and rear lighting enhance visibility for safer riding. Finally, powerful hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power in all conditions, giving the rider superior confidence and control.

MotorStealth M24 750W-rated rear-wheel motor
Battery OptionsTwo options available: 10.4Ah and 14Ah
Maximum SpeedUp to 28 mph (45 km/h)
Maximum RangeStandard Battery: 50 miles (80 km)
Long-Range Battery: 75 miles (120 km)
Battery ComplianceUL-compliant for safety
GearboxPinion 6-speed automatic electric shifting gearbox
Transmission TypeTop-tier European transmission
Drive BeltGates Carbon Belt drive
BrakesMaintenance-free hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors
DisplayColor LCD display
Controller24-amp potted motor controller
ThrottleLeft-side thumb throttle
Pedal AssistLectric’s signature PWR pedal assist
SensorHigh-resolution cadence sensor
LightingIntegrated front and rear LED lighting
Tire Size20″ x 2.5″ city tires
Front HubThru-axle front hub
AdjustabilityTelescoping seat post and handlebars for wide range of size adjustments
Additional FeaturesHidden cable routing
WarrantyManufacturer’s warranty included
PriceStarting at $1,999

Addressing the Cadence Sensor

The inclusion of a cadence sensor on the Lectric ONE might initially raise eyebrows, considering most premium e-bikes opt for torque sensors. Torque sensors directly measure the force applied to the pedals, providing an intuitive assist that feels like an extension of the rider’s power. However, Lectric Ebikes takes a unique approach. Their cadence sensor boasts an impressive 96 magnets, eight times the resolution of typical cadence sensors, for significantly quicker response.

lectric one electric bike

This, paired with their proprietary PWR pedal assist system, aims to bridge the gap between a standard cadence-based system and the experience offered by a torque sensor. PWR assist focuses on delivering power based on current rather than speed, reducing the lurching feeling often associated with cadence-only e-bikes and creating a more natural assist experience.

Unbelievable Value

Brace yourself for the price tag. The Lectric ONE starts at an astonishing $1,999, with the larger battery option adding an additional $200. Let that sink in for a moment. In the world of e-bikes, a high-end Pinion gearbox alone can often cost more than the entire Lectric ONE. Here, you’re getting a premium e-bike equipped with this top-tier component, alongside a Gates Carbon Drive system and a powerful motor, all for a price that shatters expectations.

lectric-one-electric-bike app

Pre-orders are open now, with shipping expected to begin in May. While the color selection is currently limited to black, Lectric’s expansive range of accessories allows for extensive customization. So, if you’re seeking a feature-packed commuter e-bike that boasts exceptional value, the Lectric ONE is a game-changer you won’t want to miss.

The MotoStreet’s Take

The Lectric ONE sends shockwaves through the e-bike industry. It’s a testament to Lectric’s unwavering strategy of bringing premium features to the masses at disruptive prices. This launch forces us to redefine our expectations of what a high-performance e-bike can cost. With the ONE, Lectric has played its hand, and the market will undoubtedly feel the ripple effects.

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