Ebike-weight How much does an Electric Bike Weight

Ebike-weight: How much does an Electric Bike Weight?

The weight of an electric mountain bike depends on the weight of the body frame and the weight of the battery it is a very fundamental part of an electric bike if you have a small battery you will have a small range so you should have to consider the size of battery as size of battery determines your range. The average weight of an electric bike is from 16 kg to 38 kg.

What is the difference between a Lightweight mountain Ebike and the Heavy Weight Mountain Ebike 

Lightweight electric bike gives the following advantages

Lightweight mountain Ebikes have better acceleration they are very lightweight they can move easily they have a high range if the battery is bigger.

Heavyweight electric bike gives the following advantages:

They are better in high wind and they have better suspension For long trips.

1. Available sizes for an Electric mountain bike

Extra small




Extra large

The size of electric bike is 13 to 14 inches.

14 inches to 16 inches 

16 inches to 18 inches

20 inches to 26 inches

 22 inches to 27.5 inches 

1. Extra small: Sailnovo Electric Bicycle, 14” Electric Bike for Adults and Teenagers with 18.6MPH Waterproof Folding Electric Bike

  • Unique, fashionable, and convenient.
  • High-quailty ebike configuration.
  • 3 Riding modes for commuting, camping and exercising.
  • Great choice for teens and adults.
  • Foldable design for an easier journey.
e-bike-weight (Electric Mountain Bike Weight)

The size of this  electric bike is 13 inches to 14 inches 

2. Small: Vivi Electric Bike for Adults, 16″ Folding Fat Tire 350W Electric Bicycles

This 16-inch fat tire electric bike is designed for recreational users who value space and freedom in their everyday lives.

  • Motor – 350W
  • Battery – 48V 7.8Ah
  • Speed – Top 20mph
  • Range – Up to 40mi
  • Folded dimensions: 31.5″x13.8″x24″
  • Weight: 60 lbs / 16×3.0″
e bike weight

14 inches to 16 inches 

3. Medium: Wooken Electric Bike, 20” Fat Tire Electric Bike for Adults, 500W Folding Electric Bike with 48V 10Ah Battery

Electric Mountain Bike Weight

18 inches to 20 inches

4. Large: ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 500W 26” Commuter Ebike

Ancheer best commute e bike weight

 22 inches to 26 inches

5. Extra large: Heybike Race Max 27.5″ Electric Bike for Adults 500W Brushless Motor 48V 

e bike weight

  22 inches to 27.5 inches

2. Electric bike weight limit

The average electric mountain bike has an average weight limit of 200-320 pounds. But there is a special category of e-bikes that can be weighed up to 550 pounds.

Here is a list of popular electric bikes and their weight limits:

Electric Bicycle MakeType Of BikeRider Weight Limit (lbs.)
Volt PulseCommuter Bike220 lbs
ANCHEER Electric BikeMountain Bike265 lbs
Electric Bicycle, Sailnovo 14” Electric BikeCommuter Bike264.5 lbs
Vivi Electric BikeCommuter Bike330 lbs

Heybike Race Max 27.5″ Electric Bike for Adults 500W Brushless Motor 48V 
Mountain Bike300 lbs
Wooken Electric Bike, 20” Fat Tire Electric Bike for AdultsFat Tire Bike330 lbs

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3. E-bike Weight Comparison 

  • Folding electric bike:  The selected bike has a weight of 18 to 22 kg
  • City electric bike:  It has weight of  20 to 25 kg
  • Mountain electric bike:  It has weight of 22 to 27 kg
  • Cargo electric bike:  This electric bike has weight of 27 to 32 kg
  • Road electric bike:  It has a weight of 16 to 20 kg

Folding Electric Bike

City/Commuter Electric Bike

Mountain Electric Bike

Cargo Electric Bike

Road Electric Bike

40-50 lbs (18-22 kg)

45-55 lbs (20-25 kg)

50-60 lbs (22-27 kg)

60-70 lbs (27-32 kg)

35-45 lbs (16-20 kg)

4. Lightest Electric Mountain Bikes

The lightest electric mountain bike available to buy for now is:

Rotwild: Rotwild is considered the lightest electric mountain bike with a weight of 15.3 kg.

5. Heaviest Electric Bikes

Eunorau 1000W Fat HD All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike is one of the heaviest electric mountain bikes with a weight of 35.7 kg.

6. Electric bikes under 20kg

There are a few great electric bikes available under the 20kg weight.

These are Ride1Up Roadster V2 and the Propella Mini both have a weight of 13.6kg. The Ride1up is a level 3 ebike while the mini is a level 1 ebike.

Why are electric mountain bikes heavier than traditional bikes?

As we all know electric Mountain bikes have a heavier frame as it is compared to a traditional bike because it have a battery, a controller system, a displacement screen and a motor, and all the wiring. These components are the very fundamental additions to add weight to the electric mountain bike In addition more weight is added to the motor so that it can work smoothly at high speed.

In the case of Lightweight electric mountain bikes the small rock can make you fall but in the case of heavyweight Electric mountain bikes the small rock will have no consequence and you will surpass the problem with ease. The lightweight mountain bikes give you better movement and heavy-weight electric mountain bikes give you better balance.

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Reason for electric mountain bike Heavy Weight

Electric mountain bikes have brought a revolution to the world of bikes these bikes can ease you on very different and difficult tracks without you putting a Struggle.

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The components that affect the weight of an electric bike

It is essential to have the knowledge of the various factor that build the block late determines the weight of an electric mountain bike

1. Body frame

The choice of the material that we use as the Fame of our mountain electric bike is significantly important as it plays an important role in the overall weight variations.

Aluminium Frame:

The aluminum frame is widely used because it cost very low and it has lightweight nature in every case that aluminium frame has a weight of  2.27-3.17 kg.

Emtb carbon frame:

The carbon frame is well known for its incredibly low weight and strong nature in average cases the carbon frame has a weight of 1.36-2.27 KG.

2. Ebike motor and e-bike Battery weight

The most important feature of an electric mountain bike is the motor and battery as these two components built the core of an electric mountain bike to move.

The motor of an electric mountain bike has a weight of around 3 kg.

The battery of an electric mountain bike has a weight of 1.81 up to 3.17 kg.

3. Emtb Wheels and Tires

Wheels and tires play an important role, The heavy wheels and tires can add a lot of durability and stability to the electric mountain bike.

These two components if compromised with very low-quality wheels and tires can have very brutal consequences.

The Wheels weigh around 1.81-3.26kg according to their build.

While the tires used in electric mountain bikes are very robust in nature for high-end results they have a weight of around 0.9-1.81kg.

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