Thunder Mountain E-Bike Park: A Thrilling E-Bike Adventure

Are you ready for an e-bike adventure in the mountains? Pack your gear and head to Thunder Mountain Bike Park, home to over 200 miles of epic e-bike trails with jaw-dropping views. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get into the sport or a seasoned rider wanting to push your limits, Thunder Mountain has something for everyone. This place is an e-biker’s paradise.

In this guide, you’ll discover the best e-bike trails Thunder Mountain has to offer. From flowy singletrack through alpine meadows to technical downhill runs down the side of a peak, your e-bike will take you places you’ve only dreamed of. Charge up your battery and charge down the trails. An e-bike opens up so many possibilities on the mountain, allowing you to go farther and ride harder than ever before. Why wait? The Tetons are calling. Let’s go!

Thunder Mountain Bike Park A Thrilling E-Bike Adventure

An Overview of Thunder Mountain Bike Park’s Top E-Bike Trails

Thunder Mountain Bike Park has over 15 miles of e-bike trails ranging from easy to difficult. Here are some of the top trails to check out on your e-bike:

Anvil Trail:

This 2.5-mile blue run is a great intro trail for e-bikers. With rolling hills, banked turns, and small jumps, the Anvil Trail offers an exciting but manageable ride. The trail winds through pine forests with scenic views of the mountain range.

Anvil Trail, Winter Harbor, ME, USA

Dynamite Trail:

For thrill-seeking e-bikers, the 3-mile Dynamite Trail is loaded with features. This black diamond trail has bigger jumps, wooden berms, and rocky descents. The Dynamite Trail combines natural terrain with built obstacles, so e-bikers can test their skills. Be prepared for an adrenaline-filled ride!


The Rim Trail:

If you want to take in the stunning vistas, the Rim Trail is a must. This 4-mile green run follows the ridge of the mountain with panoramic views in all directions. Packed gravel and dirt single track make for an easy, leisurely ride. Stop at the marked scenic overlooks, and you may spot wildlife like hawks or deer. The Rim Trail is a peaceful escape and perfect for all skill levels.

Rim Trail, Grand Canyon Village, AZ, USA

Trail Difficulty Levels and Route Recommendations for E-Bikers

At Thunder Mountain, there are trails for e-bikers of all skill levels. As an e-biker, you’ll want to choose trails that match your riding ability.


If you’re just getting started with e-biking, stick to the green circle trails. These wide, smooth paths have minimal elevation change and sweeping turns, perfect for new riders. The 3-mile Green River Loop is a great first trail.


Once you’ve got the basics down, try the blue square trails. These narrower, more technical routes have some rocky sections, steeper climbs, and tighter turns to navigate. The 8-mile Thunder Run is a favorite intermediate trail.


For experienced e-bikers looking to test their skills, the black diamond trails offer challenging terrain. These trails are strenuous, with larger drop-offs, loose rocks and roots, and higher speeds. The freeride-focused Gravity Zone trail is one of the toughest.

With trails for every skill level, Thunder Mountain is an e-biker’s paradise. Start on the green trails, build up your confidence, and work your way up to the double black diamonds. And remember, there’s no shame in getting off your bike and walking over the really gnarly sections – your safety is top priority! Take your time, ride at your own pace, and have a blast exploring all this park has to offer.

E-Bike Rental, Charging Stations, and Other Amenities at Thunder Mountain

Thunder Mountain Bike Park has excellent amenities for e-bike riders.

E-Bike Rentals:

Don’t have your own e-bike? No problem Thunder Mountain rents high-quality e-bikes and e-mtb’s on-site. Their rental fleet includes bikes from top brands like Specialized, Giant, and Trek, with pedal assist and throttle control options. Rentals start at $50 for 2 hours. Multi-day rentals are also available if you want to spend a few days exploring all the trails.

Charging Stations:

Riding an e-bike can drain the battery quickly, especially on hilly terrain. Thunder Mountain has charging stations located at several points throughout the park, including the base area, mid-mountain, and summit. There you’ll find both standard wall outlets as well as high-powered charging banks to quickly recharge your e-bike battery. Most riders find they can get a nearly full charge in 30-60 minutes.

The park also has basic tools, a bike wash station, restrooms, picnic areas, and a small cafe at the base area and summit if you want to take a break from riding. An on-site bike shop can also help with any technical issues or repairs needed to keep you riding.

With its extensive e-bike support facilities and infrastructure, Thunder Mountain Bike Park is really an e-biker’s paradise. Come prepared for a full day of riding the trails, but know that you’ll never be far from a place to recharge, grab food, or get your e-bike tuned up. The amenities really help maximize your time enjoying the trails rather than worrying about your e-bike’s battery level or performance.

Planning Your Visit to Thunder Mountain Bike Park

Planning ahead for your e-bike adventure at Thunder Mountain will help ensure you have an awesome experience.


E-bike rentals at Thunder Mountain can fill up quickly, especially on weekends and holidays. Make reservations for your e-bikes and shuttle rides in advance on the park’s website to avoid disappointment. You’ll also save 10% if you book at least 3 days ahead.

What to Bring:

Don’t forget essential safety gear like a helmet, gloves, and protective pads. The trails at Thunder Mountain can get muddy, so pack comfortable clothes for different weather conditions, sturdy shoes, a rain jacket, backpack, snacks, and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Don’t forget your phone or camera to capture some epic shots of the stunning scenery!

Shuttle Service:

The shuttle service at Thunder Mountain will transport you and your e-bike to the top of the mountain so you can enjoy the thrill of riding down. Shuttles depart every 30 minutes but fill up fast, so give yourself plenty of time and book in advance. The shuttle ride up the mountain also offers beautiful views, so have your camera ready!

Trail Difficulty:

With over 50 miles of trails ranging from beginner to expert, there’s something for every skill level at Thunder Mountain. Start out on the green beginner trails to get a feel for your e-bike before moving on to the blue intermediate trails. Experienced riders can conquer the black diamond advanced trails. Check the trail map on the website to find the right trails for your ability.

Have a blast on your e-biking adventure! Following these tips will help ensure your visit to Thunder Mountain Bike Park is an unforgettable experience. Let the thrill of the ride begin.


So there you have it, the inside scoop on the best e-bike trails to tackle at Thunder Mountain Bike Park. With over 30 miles of trails ranging from easy green runs to double black diamonds, there’s something for riders of all abilities. The key is to start easy and work your way up as your skills progress. The scenery is stunning, the rides are thrilling, and with an e-bike to help on the climbs, you’ll have energy left over to grab a craft beer at the Trailhead Taproom after your adventure. Whether you’re looking for an exciting new hobby or are already an experienced mountain biker, Thunder Mountain is the perfect destination for your next e-biking getaway. Head to the hills, charge up your bike, and get ready for an adrenaline-filled escape in nature.

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