Connecticut eBike Incentive Program: A Detailed Overview for 2024

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) launched the Electric Bicycle (eBike) Incentive Program on June 28, 2023. This program aims to provide Point-of-Sale (POS) incentives to Connecticut residents purchasing eligible eBikes from participating local retailers. Here’s an updated look at the program for 2024, covering its inception, implementation, outcomes, and future plans.

Program Launch and Objectives

The eBike Incentive Program was designed to promote clean transportation options and improve air quality, particularly in Environmental Justice (EJ) and Distressed Municipalities. By offering financial incentives, the program aims to make eBikes more accessible and affordable for a broader demographic, thus encouraging their use over conventional vehicles. This shift is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, traffic congestion, and dependence on fossil fuels​ (​​ (UConn Today)​.

Initial Budget and Funding Adjustments

Initially, DEEP allocated $1.5 million over three years, with $500,000 per year for the eBike incentives. However, the program’s popularity prompted an increase in the first-year funding from $500,000 to $750,000 to meet the high demand. This adjustment allowed the issuance of incentives to the first 500 Voucher+ applicants​.

connecticut incentive ebike program analysis

Incentive Structure

The program offers two types of vouchers:

  1. Standard Voucher: Provides up to $500 off the purchase price of an eligible eBike.
  2. Voucher+: Offers an additional $1,000 for residents meeting specific criteria, bringing the total incentive to $1,500. Eligibility for Voucher+ includes residing in an EJ community, participating in state or federal income qualifying programs, or having an income less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Level​.

Application Process and Round 1 Outcomes

Connecticut Electric Bicycle (eBike) Incentive Program Eligibility Application Process

To include new electric bicycles (eBikes) on the Connecticut Electric Bicycle (eBike) Incentive Program (Program) eligibility list, the following application process must be followed.

Application Submission: The completed application must be emailed to [email protected]. The eBike must receive approval from the Program before it becomes eligible for a rebate. The Program Administrator (Center for Sustainable Energy, or CSE) will notify the applicant of inclusion on the List of Eligible eBike Models posted on the program website upon approval.

Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for the Connecticut eBikes Incentive Program, an eBike must meet the following criteria:

  1. Classification:
    • Class 1: Limited to a top speed of 20 miles per hour, with pedal assist only.
    • Class 2: Limited to a top speed of 20 miles per hour, with both pedal assist and a throttle.
    • Class 3: Limited to a top speed of 28 miles per hour, with pedal assist only.
  2. Foot Pedals and Motor:
    • Equipped with operable foot pedals.
    • Electric motor of less than 750 watts of power.
  3. Purchase Requirements:
    • Must be newly purchased with original proof of purchase.
  4. Price Limit:
    • Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) must not exceed $3,000.
  5. Warranty:
    • Manufacturer’s warranty for the battery and electric motor for a minimum of one (1) year.
  6. Certification:
    • Electrical drive system certified by an accredited testing laboratory for compliance with UL 2849 or EN 15194.

Documents Required: To submit your application, email the following documents to the Program Administrator at [email protected]:

  1. Completed and signed Connecticut eBikes Incentive Program Eligibility Application.
  2. Certificate of Compliance from an accredited testing laboratory demonstrating compliance with UL 2849 or EN 15194.

Notification and Redemption

Applicants began receiving notifications on July 25, 2023. Those awarded the Voucher+ were given instructions to redeem their vouchers within 90 days. Applicants who did not receive an award were informed that they could reapply in future rounds​.

Future Steps and Program Evaluation

After the redemption period, DEEP plans to evaluate survey data and conduct compliance checks to refine the program further. Adjustments to incentive levels and the structure are anticipated, and DEEP will continue collaborating with the CHEAPR board for future funding rounds.

Eligible eBikes and Retailers

To ensure quality and safety, eligible eBikes must have at least a one-year warranty and either UL 2849 or EN 15194 certification for battery and electrical components. The program initially listed over 40 models, and this list continues to grow as more manufacturers seek inclusion​.

List Of Eligible ebike

ManufacturerModelClassFrame WarrantyE.C. WarrantyCertificationMSRP
AventonAboundClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$2,199
AventonAventureClass 32 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,799
AventonAventure.2Class 32 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,999
AventonAventure.2 StepthroughClass 32 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,999
AventonLevel.2Class 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,799
AventonLevel.2 Step-ThroughClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,799
AventonPace 350.2Class 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,299
AventonPace 350.3Class 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,499
AventonPace 350.3 Step-ThroughClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,499
AventonPace 500.2Class 32 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,599
AventonPace 500.3Class 32 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,799
AventonPace 500.3 Step-ThroughClass 32 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,799
AventonSinch Step-Through FoldableClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,599
AventonSinch.2Class 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,799
AventonSolteraClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,199
AventonSoltera.2Class 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,399
AventonSoltera.2 Step-ThroughClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,399
AventonSoltera Step-ThroughClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,199
BatchBosch Step-Thru Plus E-bikeClass 1Lifetime2 Yr.UL 2849$2,799
BatchStep-Thru E-bikeClass 1Lifetime2 Yr.UL 2849$2,599
EastRockArtaxClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,799
EastRockArtax LiClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$2,199
Ecotric20″ Fat Tire FoldableClass 218 Mo.18 Mo.UL 2849$890
EcotricDolphinClass 218 Mo.18 Mo.UL 2849$940
EcotricHammerClass 218 Mo.18 Mo.UL 2849$1,275
EcotricLeopardClass 218 Mo.18 Mo.UL 2849$1,030
EcotricRocketClass 218 Mo.18 Mo.UL 2849$1,200
EcotricStarfish FoldableClass 218 Mo.18 Mo.UL 2849$800
EcotricVortexClass 218 Mo.18 Mo.UL 2849$740
ElectraTownie Go! 5i EQ Step-OverClass 1Lifetime2 Yr.UL 2849$2,950
ElectraTownie Go! 5i EQ Step-ThruClass 1Lifetime2 Yr.UL 2849$2,950
EunorauNEW-TRIKEClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$2,499
EunorauMETA275Class 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,799
EunorauG30-CARGOClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,899
EunorauMAX-CARGOClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,899
EunorauD6Class 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,699
EunorauE-TORQUEClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,599
EunorauE-FAT-STEPClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,399
EunorauE-FAT-MNClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,399
EunorauUHVOClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,399
FlyerCruise Step-ThruClass 25 Yr.1 Yr.UL 2849$1,799
FlyerCruiserClass 25 Yr.1 Yr.UL 2849$1,799
FlyerFolding CargoClass 25 Yr.1 Yr.UL 2849$1,699
FlyerL885Class 25 Yr.1 Yr.UL 2849$1,999
FlyerM880Class 25 Yr.1 Yr.UL 2849$1,799
GazelleMedeo T9 City HMBClass 15 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$2,499
GazelleMedio T9 HMBClass 15 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$2,799
GazelleTour PopulairClass 15 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,499
MagnumCruiser 2.0Class 31 Yr.1 Yr.EN 15194$2,299
MagnumLow Rider 2.0Class 31 Yr.1 Yr.EN 15194$2,299
MagnumMetro XClass 31 Yr.1 Yr.EN 15194$2,099
MagnumPathfinder 500Class 31 Yr.1 Yr.EN 15194$1,999
MagnumPathfinder TClass 31 Yr.1 Yr.EN 15194$2,499
Rad PowerRadCity 5 Plus High-StepClass 21 Yr.1 Yr.EN 15194$1,999
Rad PowerRadCity 5 Plus Step-ThruClass 21 Yr.1 Yr.EN 15194$1,999
Rad PowerRadRunner 2Class 21 Yr.1 Yr.EN 15194$1,499
Rad PowerRadRunner 3 PlusClass 21 Yr.1 Yr.EN 15194$2,299
Rad PowerRadRunner PlusClass 21 Yr.1 Yr.EN 15194$1,999
Rad PowerRadTrikeClass 21 Yr.1 Yr.EN 15194$2,499
Rad PowerRadWagon 4Class 21 Yr.1 Yr.EN 15194$1,999
RayvoltBeachin’ V2 Hydraulic BrakeClass 12 Yr.2 Yr.EN 15194$2,050
RayvoltClubman V2 Hydraulic BrakeClass 12 Yr.2 Yr.EN 15194$2,100
RayvoltCruzer L Power V4Class 32 Yr.2 Yr.EN 15194$2,750
RayvoltCruzer L Smart V4Class 22 Yr.2 Yr.EN 15194$2,500
RayvoltCruzer M Power V4Class 32 Yr.2 Yr.EN 15194$2,700
RayvoltCruzer M Smart V4Class 22 Yr.2 Yr.EN 15194$2,450
RayvoltRingo Smart Hub 48V Suspension ForkClass 22 Yr.2 Yr.EN 15194$2,450
RayvoltRingo Smart Hub V1Class 22 Yr.2 Yr.EN 15194$2,350
TernQuick Haul D8Class 25 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$2,999
TotemZen RiderClass 1Lifetime1 Yr.UL 2849$2,899
TrekVerve+ 2Class 1Lifetime2 Yr.UL 2849$2,850
TrekVerve+ 2 LowstepClass 1Lifetime2 Yr.UL 2849$2,850
VelotricDiscover 1Class 25 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,299
VelotricNomad 1 High-StepClass 25 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,499
VelotricNomad 1 Step-ThruClass 25 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,499
VelotricGo 1Class 25 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,799
VelotricPacker 1Class 25 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,999
VelotricT1 STClass 15 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,499
VtuviaReindeerClass 32 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,899
VtuviaSN100Class 22 Yr.2 Yr.UL 2849$1,699

List Of eligible Ebike Retailer

Business NameAddressCityStateZIPWebsite
Airline Cycles55 Main StEast
Bad Boyz Electro Cycle LLC4 Meadow StreetWallingfordCT06492
Benidorm Bikes and Snowboards, LLC247 Albany
Berkshire Bike LLC38 Tunxis
BiCi Co/Center for Latino Progress95 Park
Bicycle Cellar of Farmington Valley, LLC532 Hopmeadow
Chris’ Cycle Center25 Stonington
Covered Bridge Electric Bike Rental LLC25 N Main
Covered Bridge Electric Bike Rental LLC1 Railroad StNorth
Covered Bridge Electric Bike Rental LLC421 Sharon Goshen TpkeWest
CT Electric Bike Company, LLC1030 South Main
Danny’s Cycles1492 High Ridge
Danny’s Cycles1950 Boston Post
Devil’s Gear845 Chapel StreetNew
Pacific Cycling & Triathlon984 High Ridge
Pedal Power of Essex, LLC4 Essex
Pedal Power of Vernon, LLC520 Hartford
Pedal Power of Willi, LLC1171 Main
Pedal Power, LLC359 Main
RDV Mobility LLC609 Riverside
River Bicycles138 Hamilton
Ski Hut Inc. DBA Outdoor Sports Center80 Danbury
Smart Cycles, Inc.303 Strawberry Hill
Spark Cycleworks LLC8 Commerce DrNorth
The Cutting Edge146 Mill
Trek Bicycle Fairfield2266 Black Rock
Trek Bicycle Newington1030 Main
Ultimate Automotive Powersports1608 Stratford
Wayfarer Bicycle LLC120 Ocean AveNew
Zane’s Inc.330 East Main

This table includes all the provided businesses with their addresses, cities, states, ZIP codes, and websites.

Environmental and Social Impact

The eBike program is part of Connecticut’s broader strategy to combat climate change and improve public health. By reducing car trips and promoting active transportation, the program aims to lower greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion. The inclusion of EJ communities ensures that the benefits of cleaner air and improved health are distributed equitably​​.

Important Points:

PurposeReduce vehicular pollution and help people afford eBikes.
Voucher DistributionNearly 470 vouchers awarded last summer; nearly 80 people received free eBikes.
Voucher ValuesVouchers are set at $500 or $1,500 depending on the resident’s income.
Purchase WindowThe governing board is considering a 10-day application window for this year’s program.
Eligibility RequirementsMust be a new eBike with operable foot pedals and an electric motor of less than 750 watts.
MSRP of not more than $3,000.
Manufacturer’s warranty for battery and electric motor for at least one year.
Electrical drive system certified by UL 2849 or EN 15194.
ClassificationsClass 1: Top speed 20 mph, pedal assist only.
Class 2: Top speed 20 mph, pedal assist and throttle.
Class 3: Top speed 28 mph, pedal assist only.
Application ProcessSubmit completed application to [email protected].
Include Certificate of Compliance for UL 2849 or EN 15194 certification.
Survey Insights54,000 miles logged using eBikes instead of cars.
75% of users for errands, 50% for commuting.
Over half would not have bought an eBike without incentives.
Dealer InvolvementMany dealers and models were not included in the initial list.
Dealers requested a dedicated hotline for assistance.
Program FundingInitial funding of $500,000 increased to $750,000 to meet demand.
Program ChallengesFirst-come, first-served design, short application window, limited inclusion of eBike models and dealers.
Program Improvement SuggestionsIncrease price cap to $5,000.
Adjust incentive amounts to $400 or $1,200.
Prioritize low-income households for incentives.
Current Year GoalsImprove structure to achieve equity and environmental justice goals, roll out vouchers sometime this year.
Industry TrendsStates and cities considering or implementing new eBike incentives, with varying rebate amounts and eligibility.

Ebikes incentive program terms and conditions


The Connecticut eBike Incentive Program has shown significant promise in its initial phase, demonstrating substantial public interest and participation. As DEEP continues to refine and expand the program, it is poised to become a key component of the state’s efforts to promote sustainable transportation and environmental justice.

For more information and updates, residents are encouraged to sign up for the CT eBike Program mailing list​​.

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