Best Mountain Bikes For Ebike Conversion

Best Bike For E-bike Conversion. Mountain bikes are the best e-bike conversions as they are very durable and almost every mountain bike can be converted into an e-bike. Mountain bikes are much easier to convert than any other bike. Though going for a new electric bike is still the best option because it is built on electric infrastructure from the very beginning. And mountain bikes usually have a frame that can support the weight of conversion kits.

Some commute bikes can be converted into the electric bike but a lot of changes have to be done.

The best Mountain bike for e-bike conversion. What to look for.

Choosing the right mountain bike for an e-bike conversion is crucial for a smooth transformation. Opting for a bike compatible with front and rear conversion kits, priced between $250 to $400, ensures affordability and ease of installation.

Front and rear conversion kits are popular due to their simplicity and user-friendly nature, making them ideal for enthusiasts without extensive technical expertise. While mid-drive conversion kits are available, their more intricate installation process and additional modifications may deter users, making front and rear kits a preferred choice.

Ultimately, the best bike for an e-bike conversion seamlessly integrates with the chosen kit, providing an optimal balance between traditional biking and electric assistance.

These are the characteristics you should look for in the best mountain bike in order to achieve a higher success rate.

  • Strong Frame
  • Durable bike wheels
  • Robust Dropouts
  • Speed
  • Space for battery placement
  •  High Quality brakes
  • Front Suspension
  • Affordable price

Strong Frame

Strong frames are considered one of the most primary components of any bike as the strong frames determine the strength, durability and how much weight can this frame carry. The more strong the frame is the more weight efficient it is as the conversion kit will add on extra weight to the ebike.

Here are the following frames available for mountain bikes.

1. Steel Frame

Steel frames are a very compact and very tough type of frames. They are very expensive and it gives the top-notch durability. The mountain bikes with steel frames are an excellent recommendation.

2. Aluminium Frame

The aluminum frame is not as tough as the steel frame yet it is a good alternative for the bike conversion of a mountain bike to an electric bike. Aluminum frames are less expensive than steel frames.

3. Carbon Fiber Frame 

Carbon fiber frame is the lightest frame used in mountain bikes yet this frame is not recommended for the conversion process. They are more expensive than the other two frames but it is not as useful as them while doing a conversion for ebike.

Durable Bike wheels

Durable bike wheels are very necessary component while doing an ebike conversion because the conversion kit will add a lot of weight to the wheels. The ebike conversion kit for front and the back wheels is 26-inch and 29-inch wheel size.

It is necessary to install the wheel that can get along best with the conversion. The recommended wheels used in ebike conversion are 26 inches,29 inches, and 26 inches fat wheels.

And third option you consider in your mountain bike conversion is 26-inch fat wheel tyres that are 4 inches wider.

Robust Dropouts / Axle spacing

A dropout is a type of fork end that allows removing the wheel without removing the chain.

Dropouts are the component of mountain bike frames that holland the front and rear bikes at their places. Dropouts play a key role in the alignment of the wheel holding the wheel straight and making it move freely.

The frame and Fork come with dropout spacing that is 100 mm for the front and 135mm for the rear wheel dropout. The front and rear wheels can be quick-release or bolt-on. Thru-bolt can’t work because it has a larger diameter.

The best mountain bikes recommended for the ebike conversion are those bikes that have beefy, Robust Dropouts. As in wicks highly motorized wheels are mounted on the dropouts which puts a lot of pressure. The high quality dropouts are recommending for an ebike conversion could be a success.

Space for battery placement

Space for battery placement has very high significance as you can not put on an electric bike conversion kit on any bike if you have do not place to attach batteries.

Rear Suspension bikes have the biggest flaw when it comes to battery placement. As the rear suspension takes almost the whole place of that frame where a battery could have been installed.

So you should have to look for a  mountain bike that has front wheel suspension mounted on it.

There is no use of a conversion kit if you could not find a suitable place for the battery placement.


The rear wheel e bike conversion kit that is available in the market is 7-speed free wheel.

High Quality brakes

High quality brakes are important for an e-bike because you can not have control of your e-bike completely if the brakes are not suitable for the push that will be gonna come from the high speed of an ebike.

There are two types of brakes used on mountain bikes disc brakes and rim brakes. Disc brakes are better than rim brakes because rim brakes fail when they are wet. In my opinion, the disc brakes mostly recommend.

Front Suspension

It is very important to have a mountain bike with a front suspension as the rear suspension is not of much use it does not stop shocks easily and it makes battery placement very difficult.

So you should look for a mountain bike with the front suspension only for ebike conversion.

Affordable price

If you are converting an already available mountain bike then it is a good deal. Or if you have to buy a Mountain bike for an ebike conversion then you should probably go for the as lower price mountain bike possible because if you spent a lot of budget on buying an expensive mountain bike then the conversion will cost you the same amount as of purpose built ebike.

The kit alone costs 300$ to 1000$ and maybe more. So look for a cheaper bike and then go for an expensive conversion kit. The expensive conversion kit will come with its advantages.

Components of an ebike conversion kit

The components of an ebike conversion kit include these parts:

  • Electric Motor
  • Controller
  • Battery
  • Display Unit

I. Electric Motor

There are various electric motors available for the conversion kit for an ebike. These motors are 250w,500w,750w and 1000w respectively.

You can look for the motor that meets your needs for power. Though most electric bikes use a motor of up to 750w it is enough to produce enough push for the electric bike.

e bike battery motor

II. Controller

Controllers play an important role in the making of an ebike. As the controller is responsible for controlling the electric motor and the battery. The controller can be the reason for the speed of the electric bike it can install on the handlebar and the pedal.

controller for e bike

III. Battery

The battery is the most important part of an electric bike conversion kit with battery as the battery is responsible for storing the power for later use.

battery unit for e bike

The bigger the battery is of an ebike the higher the range of ebike will be so it is a key feature. You should go for as big a battery as possible.

IV. Display unit

The display unit is mounted on the handle bar it is basically a speedo meter that shows you the speed in mph, The battery life, rpm, etc on it.

It gives a very modern touch to the electric bike as it is necessary to put the display unit on an electric bike.

touch lcd display for e bike conversion

Best Bikes For EBike Conversion


Mountain BIKE

Disc Brakes

Frame Material: Alloy Steel

Wheel Size


Number Speeds


  • Schwinn light weight 16-inch steel frame is the best bike for conversion
  • The mountain bike has twist gear shifter with a derailleur that changes gear easily and quickly.
  • The Schwinn alloy crank offers optimal gearing and less maintenance.
  • Accessories that are included are quick release seat posts.
  • Best bike to convert to Ebike

best mongoose mountain bike for conversion in e bike

Mountain BIKE

Disc Brakes/Flat Rock

Frame Material: Aluminium

Wheel Size


Number Speeds


  • Mongoose Hardtail MTB light weight aluminium frame is the best bike for conversion.
  • Element suspension fork improves performance and control while providing a smoother ride.
  • 21-speed twist shifters and rear derailleur provide effortless gear changes.
  • Lightweight durability with the double-wall alloy rims.

3. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike [Best Bike for EBike Conversion]

what is the best mountain bike for e bike conversion

Mountain BIKE

Disc Brakes/Hardtail

Frame Material: Alloy Steel

Wheel Size


Number Speeds


  • Huffy (Best bike e bike conversion) Hardtail MTB light weight alloy steel frame is the best bike for conversion.
  • The indexed Shimano TZ-31 rear derailleur combines with the micro-shift twist shifter.
  • 21-speed twist shifters and rear derailleur provide effortless gear changes.
  • Best budget mountain bike for e bike conversion

Best affordable Electric bike conversion Kit with Battery

I. EBIKELING Waterproof [Best Ebike Conversion Kit with Battery]

electric bike kiy for mountain bike
  • EBIKELING Waterproof is the most powerful electric bike conversion kit Easily convert your bicycle to an electric bike.
  • Ebike Conversion Kit is ready to install with an aluminum double-walled rim and hub motor already attached.
  • Motor/Wheel, battery, controller, LCD display, throttle, brake levers, pedal assist sensor, torque arm, and cable ties.
  • Upgrade your ebike with a Programmable Colorful TFT Display that the conversion kit includes.

II. EBIKELING Waterproof [Best Ebike Conversion Kit for Mountain Bike]

700C Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Hub Motor Kit

best mountain bike kit conversion
  • E-bike motor Conversion Kit for bicycle is ready to install with an aluminum double-walled rim and hub motor already attached. 
  • Motor/Wheel, battery, controller, LCD display, throttle, brake levers, pedal assist sensor, torque arm, and cable ties.
  • Upgrade your e-bike with a Programmable Colorful TFT Display that the conversion kit includes.
  • Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) allows you to ride your electric bike kit without a throttle response.

Is an e-bike conversion kit worth it [Best mountain bike for e bike conversion]

An e bike conversion kit is not recommended for many reasons as the ebike conversion kit is not worth it for many peoples.

The ebike conversions are based on the costs of the conversion kit, the cost of the bike, and the cost of its installment. Well in major scenarios the cost of conversion excludes the cost of a purpose-built ebike. It is very necessary for a person to compare the rate of conversion and the rate of purpose built ebike. You can buy an ebike for around 1500$ and can be found for less than 1000$. While the conversion kit alone costs 300$ to 1000$ then adding up with the mountain bike rate exceeds the rate of an e-bike.

The E bike conversion kit will have a lot of flaws as you cannot get any warrant while e-bikes come with a warranty for 1 year.

Firstly, it’s important to search for a sturdy frame with robust dropouts, which are the parts of the bike that hold the axles of the wheels. The ideal bikes for converting to electric power are those made of steel with steel dropouts. While aluminum bikes can work too, they often need an extra torque arm to reinforce the dropouts.

If you don’t already own a bike, the expense of purchasing a bike, getting an electric conversion kit, and installing it might not be worthwhile in terms of time, effort, and money. However, if you already have a bike in decent condition, the investment in terms of both money and effort will likely be more worthwhile.

Yes, you can convert your mountain bike to an eBike by adding a powered wheel, attaching a drive unit to the bottom bracket, or concealing a motor in the seatpost for assistance on hills. Multiple options make the conversion accessible for improved riding capabilities.

Perform basic maintenance on your electric scooter at least once a month. This includes checking the battery, cleaning the scooter, inspecting the wiring, and tightening any loose screws or bolts. Additionally, you should charge the battery regularly and store the scooter properly when not in use.

The speed of a 48V 1000W electric bike will depend on various factors, but it can typically reach speeds of up to 28-30 mph (45-48 km/h) under electric power alone.

A 1000W electric bike can reach speeds of approximately 45-48 km/h (28-30 mph) under electric power alone, depending on factors such as terrain, weight, and other variables.

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